by Them Ol' Ghosts

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released May 23, 2019


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Them Ol' Ghosts New Orleans, Louisiana

Them Ol’ Ghosts are a Southern Soul Alternative Rock band from New Orleans, La.
Their sound is an eclectic mix as diverse as the city they call home. Raw and sincere; Them Ol’ Ghosts first effort, Renegade, is an album driven by Haunting Vocals, driving guitar melodies and a powerhouse of a rythym section. Combined with deeply relatable lyrical content, their sound is a bold breath of fresh air. ... more

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Track Name: Hounds
There's a hound on the edge of the walkways of every path I lead.
His eyes are carved into the palms of my hands you see,
That don't bother me.
There's ghosts on the edge of the Oak trees.
Through the fog they creep, and though they pull me in the dark of the swamps you see, that don't bother me.
All them voices echo the wrong ways, though the blind may lead.
Rip out the pages of the book of your lord you see,
That don't comfort me.
While the vampires prepare to send their medicine to me,
the spiders descend upon my head a gilded shield.
I've danced with the skeletons from under these trees
and they've been so warm to me.
Oh, the widow will cry, when all her children leave her.
And, the pain in them eyes, said there ain't no one left to leave her.
Hear them wolves deceive her.
I'll rain down through the void, and break down all the noise.
Track Name: Gatekeeper
The sky ain't falling
I fixed it with these broken hands
The lord he's calling, but Jesus Christ I'm not a fan
Saint Peter what's your plan?
Is there room in Heaven for these broken hands
Oh, Gatekeeper what do you say?
Tell my mama that soon I'll be dead.

And if ever we find love, trust in me I'll fight until the end
as this river takes us under, trust in me I'll find my strength within.
And as they exhume our bodies, discard the books and burn every page away.
We all held ourselves so highly, but when the credits roll we're all dogs in a gilded cage

The sky ain't falling, and them ain't vampires in your head
The lord he's calling, but Jesus Christ I'm not a fan.

We can shelter pain in our own time
I'm a hero in my own fucked up mind
When I screamed your name you just walked by
I'm a king behind a throne made of flies
Track Name: Reach
If I were half the man I am today,
I'd find Heaven's peace inside of me.
In incubation along.
Feel I'm sleeping in her wings again.
When she found me I was crippled then.
Still I haven't learned my lesson yet.

As I reach towards the sun
Burn my ego for fun
As I receive the stars

Should I reinvent myself again?
To be someone more significant
Would I find my place in Heaven then?
Yet ignorance and happenstance
found fortitude through consequence
and then left me here to acquiesce

As I reach towards the sun
Burn my ego for fun
As I receive the stars

Burn off these fields we've plowed
to make way for the spring to resound
enveloped in her reverence
Plant my two feet in the ground
and a tree takes it's reach from my mouth
sprouts flowers from my fingertips

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